How to easily make a home cooked meal for your dog

Taking care of your dog's diet helps maintain a dog's standard body health. Therefore, it is important to include nutrients in the dog's diet.

Taking care of your dog's diet helps maintain a dog's standard body health.  Therefore, it is important to include essential nutrients in the dog's diet.  Although dog food has all the nutrients you need to buy on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right type of food because of the dog's some time dislike, being overpriced and the negative perceptions of those foods in society.  Therefore, it is best to prepare a meal for your dog at home.

 How to easily make a home cooked meal for your pet dog.

There are three major types of home-cooked meals.  They can be listed as follows.  

1. puppy stage 

2. adult stage 

3. senior stage.  

home cooked meal for your dog

At each stage, the food to be processed and the number of meals to be fed change.  

1.puppy stage.  

At this stage the puppy should have been breastfed for at least two months.  This is because breastfeeding is the best way to give the puppy the basic nutrients it needs.  This period lasts from two months to six months.  At this stage it is best to give 5 or 6 meals a day as the puppy's growth rate is rapid during this time.  

1st meal (in the early morning)- For this purpose it is better to give Boil and reduce the temperature milk (After the puppy is separated from the mother) 

2nd meal (in the late hours of the morning) - For this meal it is advisable to mix some boiled egg and a small boiled potato with little bit water.  It is better to increase the thinness of the food by adding a little bit water.  

3rd meal (during the noon)- For this, it is better to mix some rice with some boiled carrots and some small fish with the bones removed. This will give the puppy the calcium it needs.  

4th meal (in the evening) - For this you can add cow's milk (Boil and reduce the temperature) with something like a small bread pieces.  

5th meal (in the night)- The meal provided for the 3rd meal can be given 

6th meal(before sleep) - This is not essential.  For this you can give a boiled egg or a few biscuits with low sugar content.

2. Adult stage

At this stage it is sufficient to give three meals a day. 

  1st meal- 250ml -500ml of Boil and reduce the temperature milk is best for this.

  2nd meal and 3rd meal- A special meal should be prepared for this purpose where the nutrients to be given are taken into consideration.  This meal can be given in the amount of 500g - 750g for the second meal.

home cooked meal for your dog

  How to make a meal (for one meal)

Ingredients: - 

  1.  300g of rice,
  2.  minced meat (bone removal is not required) or chicken (may be given as beef but can be given frequently as it can cause skin diseases) 200g,
  3.  vegetables (  Carrots, cauliflower, sweet potatoes, potatoes) 150g
  4.  a few spinach leaves
  5.  little bit of turmeric powder. 

 How to make :- Cut the fish or meat (boneless) into small pieces, add the  small pieces of selected vegetables and spinach leaves to the washed rice, add water, a little turmeric powder and boil.

3. Senior stage

The number of meals and meals can be given in adulthood at this time, but there are a few things to keep in mind.  This period dawns after 5 years.  Then the dog's digestion will be a bit weak so the food given should be easy to digest.  In addition the amount of food given should be slightly reduced as the aged dogs become less active and the food they eat becomes stagnant and obese.  It can also cause diseases such as high blood pressure and heart disease.

In addition, there are a few things to keep in mind when feeding in general.  They are as follows.  

1. Be sure not to give the above food to without a veterinarians  recommendation to pregnant dogs and nursing mothers.

  2. Avoid using spices not mentioned above when preparing food.  Avoid the use of salt in particular.  

3. Be sure to provide clean water with every meal. 

 4. When feeding small puppies, beware of animals such as ants that attract food vets.  

5. Clean small puppies after feeding.


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