Things to know about German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is one of the most famous dog breeds in the world. A breed of dog that is breed for both safety and pet.

The German Shepherd is one of the most famous dog breeds in the world.  A breed of dog that is the breed for both safety and pet.  The German Shepherd is a highly intelligent dog that represents the police force in all countries. 

 Motherland -     associated with Germany.


 Color variants -   pure black, black and tan, crimson and black, black and gray, single white.

  Lifespan is a maximum of 13 years (may vary by country).


 Height (average value)-    65 - 70 cm (male)

                                              55 - 65 cm (female).

 Weight -     35kg - 40kg (male)

                    25kg - 32kg(female)

other names:- Alsatian.  (The name was used because the Americans did not like to use the name, German Shepherd)

german shepherd

The German Shepherd

German Shepherd, a breed of dog bred for sheep herding in Germany, is also a very good dog breeder.  Due to the sharp wit and strength of the German Shepherd dogs, they were later used in the security forces.  Evidence suggests that it was also used in warfare during World War II.  It is a very skilled dog that can run and jump.  The lower hind legs are relatively short compared to the front legs, making them easy to run and jump on.

German Shepherd Dog is one of the most intelligent dogs in the world.  Their fur coat is shiny, with several distinct color variations.  German Shepherd dogs are divided into two groups according to their fur coat. 

 1. Short-haired German Shepherd Dogs 

Short-haired German Shepherd Dogs are best suited for warmer climates. Short-haired dogs are more active.  The risk of developing skin diseases is very low. Short-haired dogs are most commonly used in the defense sector (in some countries long-haired dogs are not used in the defense sector).  Maintenance costs are relatively low. 

German Shepherd

2. Long-haired German Shepherd dogs 

 Long-haired dogs are relatively more attractive.  The price is also high.  There are two coats, as well as fur coats, and the second coat is longer than the second coat of short-haired dogs.  Maintenance costs are high.  Very suitable for breeding in cold countries.  Relatively overweight and obese.

Things to know about German Shepherd

At times, some people even refer to long-haired German Shepherds as "lion shepherds."  But the lion shepherd is not mentioned in the records.  The German shepherd dog can also be divided into two categories according to usage. 

 1. work line

 These German Shepherd dogs are used for official purposes. Their pair of limbs are similar to those of any other normal dog.  I use the dog species for the security forces.  These are very fast and strong.  It takes longer to get tired.  Often these dogs are quite harsh.  Takes a very loyal nature to the master.

German Shepherd

2. show line 

The German Shepherd dog is used for dog shows.  The main difference is that their hind legs are slightly lower than those of the work line dogs.  Market prices are slightly higher.  Security does not support the sector.  Tired quickly.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd dog is relatively less susceptible to disease.  They have a good immune system.  But there are some diseases that they can contract.  

1. elbow dysplasia This is a condition that affects the elbow of the dog.  Calcium deficiency is also a major cause.  Symptoms - Swelling of the elbow, lifting the dog to the elbow. 

 2. Skin diseases - Other dogs are at higher risk of developing skin diseases compared to other dogs.  This is because they have two coats.  There is an increased risk of diseases such as eczema and leprosy.  But this condition can be alleviated by giving the dog a regular intake of foods that regulate intracranial temperature. 

 Eye Disorders - Cataracts (blood clots),

 blood disorder - White blood cell abnormalities in the dog  (laziness and loss of appetite).

 It is important to see a veterinarian immediately upon seeing such symptoms.


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