Skin Diseases That Can Affect Dogs And How To Save The Dog From Them.

The skin is a very sensitive organ that acts as a protective ring to protect the internal organs.

 Skin diseases that can affect dogs.

How attractive is a pet with beautiful skin.  The skin is the largest organ in us as well as in animals.  The skin is a very sensitive organ that acts as a protective ring to protect the internal organs.  Due to this sensitivity, the skin can get sick quickly due to various reasons.  Leprosy is one of the most common skin diseases in dogs.  Very common, especially among stray dogs.  Despite the prevalence of the disease, society's perception of it is deplorable.

 How to recognize a rash on a dog's skin.

  • Excessive hair loss
  • Itching
  • Blisters on the skin surface
  • Skin lesions
  • Thickening of the skin and darkening of the skin
  • Red spots on the skin
  • Skin odor
  • Skin peeling

Across section of the dog's skin

 From features like.  In addition, long-term skin rashes can lead to poor diet and increased immunity to other diseases.

 There are many pathogens or causes of rash in animals.  Some things are very complicated.

 1. Skin infections

         - Bacterial infections

         - Fungal infections

 2. Allergies

         - Food allergies / sensitivity / food intolerance

         - Flea bite allergy

         - Allergies to dust, chemicals, detergents, detergents or any other substances present in the environment.

 3. Parasites

     - sacoptic mange

     - Demodex mite

     - walking dandroff (walking dandroff / cheyletiella mites)

 4. Hormonal imbalances

     - Hypothyrodism

     - Hyperadrenocorticism / cushing syndrome

      - Imbalance of sex hormones

 5. Genetic factors

 We can simply list things like.  Then there are other things that can help prevent skin rashes.  The following are some examples.

  • Lack of proper nutrition and animal feed
  • Use soap or shampoo that is not suitable for bathing
  • Keep bathed animals properly dry
  • Regular bathing of animals
  • Use antiseptic cleaners to wash their cages or clean their house
  • Ambient temperature not suitable for the species
  • Stress factors
  • Living together with animals with skin infections
  • Lack of proper control of external parasites, ticks and fleas
  • Some long-acting medications

 So this is where the role of a veterinarian begins, with the right knowledge that the right treatment for the condition is urgently needed.  This may involve testing skin samples or testing blood samples.  Depending on the cause of the disease, it can be given as a medicine, as a drink, as an ointment or as a bath.  You may be asked to bring a second test or injection.

 Of particular note is the fact that leprosy is not an overnight illness.  It takes time to control the causative agent as well as natural hair growth.  Then you have to be patient and continue the treatment as prescribed by the doctor.  It is often difficult to cure acne by injection alone or by pills alone.  Emphasize it well.

 Also, some leprosy can be transmitted to you by animals.  In such cases, it is important to take care of yourself when treating animals.

 Because protection from disease is easier than cure,

 1. Provide nutritious balanced animal feed

 2. Take a shower once a week on a sunny day

 3. Navigate the nave well

 4. Use shampoo or soap suitable for bathing.  Laundry soap or the scented soap or shampoo we use do not suit them.  So consult your veterinarian.

 5. Control flea ticks

 6. Use an animal-friendly, non-allergenic cleaner to clean the house and clean the animal cages.

 7. Keep pets that are suitable for the environment in which you live.  (Cold ecosystems find it difficult to tolerate temperatures near the equator.)

 8. Concentrate on animal stress and take action to free the animal from it.

 9. If possible, give supplements that help keep the skin healthy

 It is very important to pay attention to things like.

 So see your veterinarian as soon as an animal gets sick.  Prompt treatment means that the disease can be cured quickly.  Frequent caring for the dog makes it easier to get rid of these diseases.


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