what are the most toxic foods for dogs ?

The foods you eat every day can give you good benefits, but some of those foods can have serious health consequences for your dog.

The foods you eat every day can give you good benefits, but some of those foods can have serious health consequences for your dog.  You need to be extra careful when feeding your dog.  Some food poisoning can cause severe damage to your dog's internal organs.  Breaks down the dog's immune system.  Certain foods are good for the dog to eat when he is young but can be harmful as he gets older.  This is because the digestive system of the aging dog is less efficient.  Here are the main foods that are good for you but not good for your dog. now discuss what are the most toxic foods for dogs.

most toxic foods for dogs

 harmful and most toxic foods for dogs.

1. Chocolate. 

 Chocolate is one of the healthiest foods in the world for humans.  But this is a food that can be deadly to the dog.  The main reason for this is the chemical compound theobromine, which is an ingredient for the human body but can be dangerous for dogs to ingest.  Giving not only chocolate but all chocolate-related products to the dog can be harmful.  For example, be careful not to give chocolate biscuits, chocolate cakes, or chocolate cookies to the dog. chocolate related food is one of the most toxic foods for dogs.

2. Types of sweets.  

There is a risk that certain sweets may be harmful to the dog.  If there are no homemade (chocolate-free) artificial flavors and colors, there is no problem giving the dog a treat.  But foods that contain a variety of preservatives and artificial sweeteners and artificial food colors in the market can be harmful to the dog.  They should be checked and given before giving them to the dog. 

3. Caffeinated liquids such as tea and coffee.  

Caffeine is absorbed into the human body through energy, which enhances alertness and efficiency.  But that energy can be difficult for a dog's body to handle.  This can lead to things like heart palpitations and increased muscle contraction.  It damages the dog's blood transmission system.

4. Onions and garlic. 

 It is a food that we consume often. Therefore, it is very important to be careful when preparing a dog's meal.  Onions and Garlic Affect the dog's digestive system.  This may cause the dog's blood pressure to be high.

5. Grapes. 

 Grapes are food that can cause serious harm to dogs.  These can damage a dog's liver.  Physical changes do not appear on the day the grapes are given.  The veterinarian is of the opinion that after a few days the body shows changes. Not only grapes but also grape products and raisins can be harmful to dogs. grapes related food are one of the most toxic foods for dogs.

But some foods can be given in small amounts but giving more than that can make the dog sick. here are some of them.

1. ice cream  - Occasionally there is a need for ice cream to help control the dog's body temperature, but it's not advisable to give it often because of the high sugar content of ice cream.  This causes the dog's blood sugar level to rise.  

2. Chick bones  - Chick bones are a common food for most dogs, but they do not damage the internal organs of the body, but when swallowed, they can damage the dog's esophagus, which can eventually develop into cancer.  

3. Animal fat parts. - These are also very greedy foods for dogs. Giving them too often can lead to obesity.  It is also a cause of heart attack.

most toxic foods for dogs

There are also foods that should be restricted to the dog as it ages.  Giving too much of it can damage a dog's digestive system.  This is because the digestion of food in older dogs is slow.  Here are some of them:  

1. Milk 

2. Beef 

3. Yogurt 

4. Very low water content foods (flour made from nuts)

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