How to do k9 dog training

k9 dog training is a much more complex task than the usual dog training. It is essential to have more discipline and sharpness than a ordinary dog.

How to do k9 dog training at home

k9 dog training is a much more complex task than the usual dog training.  It is essential to have more discipline, strength and sharpness than a ordinary dog. choosing the right dog breed. , Determining the appropriate age to train a dog. , And determining the purpose of training the dog is a very important factor.  When training a dog for safety, training can be divided into two main parts.  They can be called basic training and specialized training.  Giving the dog basic training is relatively easy.  However, a dog training specialist is needed to provide specialized training.

k9 dog training

How to choose the right dog breed  for k9 dog training

In general, most dog species are suitable for this purpose.  But there are some commonly used dog species.  There are special reasons to choose that dog species.  

German shepherd - The most widely used dog species in the world for this purpose.  The reason is that it is very easy to practice .  In addition to having a good ivy.  Being a very efficient dog.  And obedience to the master's command is the main reason for choosing the German Shepherd dog for this.

Labrador retriever - This dog breed is popularly known as the pet dog breed by most dog breeders.  But it is a dog species that does a great job in k9 services around the world.  The reason for choosing this breed of dog is its loyalty to its owner and its ability to obey orders.

boxer - The special reason for choosing boxer dogs is their strength and power.  A dog breed that can be used for raids at any time.  Being a very healthy dog ​​breed is also a major reason to choose this breed.  The above are the three most commonly used dog breeds in the world for police dog training.  Many other dog species are used for this purpose.  The most commonly used dog species are Rottweiler, American bulldog, Doberman, Dalmatian, ridgeback and husky.

It is also important to pay special attention to the age of the dog when choosing a dog for this purpose.  It is very difficult to train a dog as he gets older.  With age, the ability to obey the master's commands greatly decreases.  The dog's basic training can begin two months after the puppy is born. Has the Ability to provide basic training for two to six months.

Also, when choosing a dog, you should pay close attention to the purpose of the dog's training. . Drug prevention , Detection of Military materials. This training is given to the dog for matters such as chasing suspects and dog shows.  Before training a dog, the purpose for which the dog is to be trained must be determined.

k9 dog training

how to do basic k9 dog training at home.

As discussed above, dog training can be divided into two parts.  Basic training can be given to the dog by any person at home.  But in order to provide specialized training, it is essential that you have good experience.  Therefore, it is advisable to use a person with good experience to give special training to the dog.  But since basic training can be done by any individual, we will discuss how to do it.

This training can be divided into two main categories.  Training to obey commands.  Correct behavior and socialization.  You have the ability to practice these at home.  First the dog must be made to obey his name.  It is a very easy task to do.  Pronounce his name aloud from an early age so that within a few months your puppy will respond when he hears his name.  The dog that obeys the name can practice basic activities.  Walking according to the command.  , Sitting., Eating according to command, Going to his cage (sleeping place) according to command.  Such training can be done.  For that we can use RP methodology.  Let's first identify what the RP methodology is. This methodology is based on reinforcements and punishments.  It encourages the dog to do good deeds and punishes the dog for bad deeds.  Here are four steps. 

  • Positive reinforcements - Giving the dog something he likes in a good action. 
  • negative reinforcements - A good act of the dog is to remove something the dog does not like from the dog. 
  • positive punishments - scolding a dog as a punishment for doing something wrong. 
  • negative punishments - when the dog makes a mistake, remove something the dog like from the dog

Using this technique you can easily give your dog basic training.   if you want to train your dog, you have to have good patience . You have to understand that a dog is a good intelligent animal but the puppy does not have the ability to understand as much as a human.

Now you have the basic knowledge needed to give your dog basic training.   We think you can find a good dog trainer for special training.  I urge you to make sure that the dog is not severely punished when using the RP methodology to train the dog.  Punishing like that can make your dog unnecessarily aggressive.  We also urge you to make sure your dog does not strain unnecessarily during training.  Finally winwoof we wish you and your dog for good k9 dog training.


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